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$40 for one gem

$75 for two gems, any two placements

$10 for each additional gem after a pair, any three placements

$100 for as many gems needed for full tooth coverage, one tooth

$150 for as many gems needed for two full teeth coverage, two teeth

what is a tooth gem?

A tooth gem is a genuine Swarovski crystal that is applied to a tooth with medical grade dental components.

The semi-permanent procedure is completely safe & painless and can easily be removed at any time. Your tooth jewelry look can be custom designed to best reflect your style. Tooth gems comes in a variety of different colors, shapes & sizes. Go for subtle to add just a bit of sparkle to your smile, or add enough to cover your entire tooth. 

how long does it last?

Typically, tooth gems will last anywhere from 6-24 months. Factors such as gem placement, acidity levels  & dental hygiene all play a role in tooth gem retention.

I will gladly replace any tooth gem, free of charge, that falls off within 30 days of the application date. 

will they work on any teeth?

No, just natural teeth. Tooth gems cannot be applied to any artificial tooth, veneer, crown or denture.

will they damage my teeth?

Not at all. Tooth gems are bonded to the enamel just like an orthodontic bracket at the dentist. They can be easily removed at any time and then the tooth can be buffed out to remove any residual bonding components. And since it's completely sealed on and around the gem, there is no way for bacteria to get under the gem itself. 

what happens if it falls off and I swallow it?

Gems are tiny; only about 2mm in diameter and they have no sharp edges whatsoever. It will simply pass through the system the good ol' natural way.

what if I change my mind?

No biggie. Your dentist can easily remove your tooth gem and simply polish the tooth to remove any residual composite that might be lingering. 

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