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Elderberry Syrup

This delicous elderberry syrup is naturally sweet & goes down smoothly.


Take shots of it straight from the bottle or get creative

and try it on toast, pancakes, ice cream, etc.


Our Elderberry Syrup

8 oz. glass amber bottle

Made with all organic ingredients

Packed full with vitamins & antioxidants

Handmade in small batches

Revives vitality

Boosts immunity

Fights cold & flu symptoms

Support bladder/urinary health

Fights inflammation

Aids in digestion

Great for overall well being 


*Please Note*

This naturally sweet syrup is loved by [most] children.

However, due to the honey content,

this tonic should not be given to any babies under the age of 1.


Elderberry Syrup

  • 100% Organic Elderberries

    100% Organic Manuka Honey

    100% Organic Ginger 

    100% Organic Cinnamon

    100% Organic Anise

    100% Organic Cloves

     Distilled Water

    & Always Made with Love


    Learn more about these ingredients

    on our Ingredients Profile page

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