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lash Q & A


Lash extensions enhance your natural beauty by adding length, volume, thickness and/or curl to your natural lashes. Mascara is messy, lash strips damage your natural lashes and you don't wake up with either one looking good. Lash extensions look fierce for weeks, never smudge and they save tons of time on beauty routines. 


Not even close! Lash extensions are custom designed and are unique to each individual. Your lash tech will go over different options that will help achieve your ideal style. Whether it's whispy & bold, flirty with a cat eye or long & natural, your custom lash design will suit you best!


With proper love & care, lash extensions can last between 3-5 weeks. Factors such as the oiliness of your skin, daily hygiene, makeup/skincare products & sleeping habits all play a role in lash retention. The cleaner you keep your lashes and the nicer you are to them, the longer they will last.


First and foremost, KEEP YOUR LASHES CLEAN! Not cleaning your lashes properly is the quickest way to lose your luscious lash line. Your lash tech can show you how to properly clean your lashes. Stay away from oil based makeup, makeup remover and skincare products. And lastly, be kind to your lashes. Don't pick at them, sleep on your face or rub your eyes excessively.


Thoroughly clean your lashes and surrounding eye area with a mild cleanser. If you want the best cleanser ever, 

pick up a bottle of Third Eye Lash Bath at your next appointment. Do not use an oil based makeup remover prior to your appointment, as the adhesive will not work at all. 

Remove contact lens prior to getting lashed.

Please arrive with a fresh face, free of makeup. A proper lash bath provided by your lash tech is an easy add-on service that takes the fuss out of lash prepping for you. 

*Please note*

Lash extensions cannot be applied to dirty lashes and the lash bath service will be automatically applied when necessary. 

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